Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review: Transcendence by Shay Savage

Rating: 5 stars
Recommended for: ANYONE WITH A SOUL

Oh my god. 

I heard about this book on teh Booktubez and thought it sounded worth an investigation. All the reviews on goodreads encouraged me, and I decided to read the first few pages of the preview, just to make sure I liked the writing style so I could add it to my TBR. So, I read the first few pages. Then the next few. Then the preview ran out. Then I downloaded it. Then I had to go to laundry which is the worst thing that has ever happened in my entire life. Then I went back to reading. Then I had sex with my husband to show him that I appreciate his willingness to protect me from wild boar. Then I finished the story. 

This process began about 11 hours ago. What I saying is this book is amazing and you need to read it. Here's why:

1st person romance... FROM THE MAN'S PERSPECTIVE: 10 points
Psycholinguistics geekfest: 1 point and 1 bonus point for cementing in my brain which one is Broca's area and which is Wernicke's.
Making me understand the caveman better than the modern woman: 1 point
Elucidation of relationships: 5 points
Dozens of uses of the word "penis," none of which made me uncomfortable: dozens of points
Possibly inventing the genre of historicalscifantamance: 1 point

There was a period around the 3/4 mark where I feared I would have to lower my rating to four stars because things got weird and not super sense-maky, but now I must say 20 "Hail Mary's" to atone for my sin of not putting my faith Ms. Savage because that epilogue, guys. That. Epilogue.

You win, madam, you win.

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